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Welcome to Fiberoptic Engineering Corporation. We have sustained continued growth since opening for business in 1979. We have manufactured compound glass & plastic fiber optics used in the following industries:

• Industrial Fiber Optics
• Medical Fiber Optics
• Military Fiber Optics
• Research Fiber Optics

We incorporate fused silica, plastic, and side-emitting plastic fiber optics to suit our customers' requirements.

We manufacture standard and custom fiber optic cables for photo-electric applications. 
We also make illuminators for inspection, illumination, and machine vision applications.

A whole new series of custom high output ringlights and linear arrays are now available in high-transmission plastic fibers made possible by our new "Mark 2" and "Mark 3" 
halide illuminators. Large ring lights, linear arrays, and assemblies, never before available, are now possible.

We make light transmitting fiberoptic cables & adapters used for photo-electric controls & for illumination.

Take a look around our website and see for yourself why so many companies worldwide call us the "Wizards of Fiberoptics"!

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6541 Bay Lane Dr.

Panama City, FL 32404

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