Fiberoptic Light Guides are designed to transmit light from a source (point A) to a point B or to transmit light to a sensor.
Fiberoptic light guides are typically paired with an illuminator, as a source of light.


Glass Fiberoptic light guides are made with drawn compound glass that we manufacture “in house”. Each light guide has a “bundle” of fibers encased within a sheathing & have terminated ends to protect them from breakage as they are very fragile.

Glass Fiberoptic light guides can be used in a variety of different applications. Some examples are illumination, sensing, detection, inspection, quality control, & machine vison. These light guides are used with a “light source” such as our Mark 2 or Mark 3 Illuminators, or other source.

Glass light guides work well in most climates. Clean, dirty, dusty, oily, damp, hot or cold. The various sheathing used on these glass cables (light guides) protect the glass from most contaminates. We have the following variety of sheathing available: Stainless steel square lock metal tubing, Monocoil (stainless steel square lock- with Black PVC covering) or Stainless steel square lock with yellow Santoprene cover.

Glass light guides are available in standard lengths: 24”- 36”- 48”-60”- 72”- 96”-120”-144”-180”-192”-216”or 240”. Custom lengths are available up to 30 feet.

Standard bundle diameters are: 0.063 & 0.125 – but custom bundle diameters are available.

Glass light guides are available in many end terminations, please visit our catalog pages for more information & details!


Plastic Fiber Optic light guides are used in many of the same applications as glass light guides. Such as Illumination, sensing detection, inspection, quality control & machine vision.

These light guides have One (1) or multiple “plastic” fibers encased in PVC, and are available in various diameters. Plastic fiber is also very versatile and can be used in most climates, although it is not recommended for extremely hot areas.

Plastic fiber optic guides are also used in conjunction with a “light source”.

These are available in any length up to 500M (1640 Ft) and can be terminated on one or both ends. Many terminations are available, please see our catalog page for more information.