Fiber Optics for Photo-Electric Controls


  • Fiber Optic Cables Assemblies (up to 30 feet)

  • Fiber Optic Cables specifically for Photoelectric Applications.

  • Volume Producers of Fiber Optic "Scanners" in Glass & Plastic

  • Glass Fibers made with premium Core Materials from Schott Optical

  • Fiber Optic Adapter Cables

  • Large standard parts inventory

  • 2-Ten Foot diameter glass drawing wheels (shown at left)

  • Large volume automatic polishing machines

  • Plastic fiber scanners available with standard metric tips

  • Same configurations in glass to give controls flexibility of design i.e., High Temperature, Randomization



  • Illuminates a 1" diameter bundle or 1000+.03 diameter plastic fibers

  • Halide Bulb with 5000 hour life and 5000K Color Temp, daylight film compatible

  • Designed to illuminate long light bars, "web" illumination, "super" ring lights for photography-machine vision, microscopes, optical comparator retrofits with our plastic fiber

  • MARK 2

    • Conventional Halogen Illuminator

    • Easy & Quick bulb Change

    • "Lock Box" Option

    • IBM Supplier-Approved Design

    • High power-200 Hour Bulb Life

Illumination & Machine Vision


  • Specialized Illumination Applications for Machine Vision Applications

  • Over 50 Years' Experience matching the right illumination system to solve your problem

  • Large Custom Super Ring Lights and Linear Arrays using plastic

  • Large Glass Bundles Available

  • Single & Bifurcated "Gooseneck" with Focusing Lenses

Fiber Optic Inspection Devices


  • Head Lights for Medical and Dental Use

  • Probe Kit for Difficult Access Illumination

  • Flexible Large Bundle Design With Focusing Lenses

Custom Fiber Optic Assembles (OEM)


  • Cables, Adapters, and Controls

  • Large & Small Volume Orders to Customers Specifications

  • Prototypes of All Sorts

  • Medical, Industrial, Photoelectric, Vision System, Laboratory

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